Captury Live

Captury Live is a system for markerless performance capture in real-time. produced by The Captury GmbH. It is the result of several years of passionate research and development. It enables motion capture of humans with unprecedented flexibility. No markers, no suits, no studio, no special hardware, just pure performance. Captury Live contains all tools necessary for a complete markerless motion capture workflow:


Captury Live is a complete software + hardware solution for real-time markerless motion capture that provides everything that is needed to perform markerless capture of up to 3 actors.

Trackable setups are not limited to controlled environments, such as in front of green-screens, or in evenly lit studios with solid color walls and floors. Instead, the system can be set up in cluttered environments, and with moving backgrounds (such as cars or other persons) can be processed, if some consideration is given to the initial setup.

Similarly, the performers are not limited to wearing special skin-tight suits or additional hardware to be captured. Everyday apparel, such as jeans and t-shirt, is sufficient. For more detailed information on scene setup, please refer to Scene setup.

Using the input video streams Captury Live can track the skeletal motion of one or more performers visible in the scene with The Captury's patented tracking technology. The software comes with a default human template model, which can be adapted to fit accurately to any performer (see Actor Scaling for more information). Tracking props or animals is supported, but requires generating a custom model for tracking (please refer to Calibration for details).

Interoperabilty with other software

Captury Live can export the captured motion in the following formats: FBX, BVH, CSV, and as project files for Captury Studio. FBX and BVH are standard motion formats that are supported by all major animation software packages like Maya, 3ds Max and MotionBuilder. There are two flavors of CSV export. One is similar to Vicon's Plugin Gait format. The other can be configured to export curves from the charts panel.

Captury Live also supports realtime streaming in various standard formats. In addition to our proprietary streaming protocol VRPN, OSVR, OSC, ROS, and BVH streams are supported. In addition, plugins for Unreal engine, Unity engine are provided. It is also possible to use the Captury Live plugin interface and enable a custom 3rd party application to communicate with Captury Live in real-time. For more detailed information, please refer to Live streaming and Plugin interface.